Martin and Sons Grocery, 110 NE Barnard Street

For decades the commercial building at 110 Northeast Barnard Street was the location for a grocery. At least by the turn of the twentieth century, W. L. Lilly and Sons sold groceries on this site, continuing for many years. The old wooden building here burned in 1926, and was replaced the next year by the present masonry structure that shares a unified brick façade with the structure to its left. Its decorative geometric pattern of red, brown, and black bricks with white limestone inserts is easy to recognize. Soon after the 1927 rebuilding, I. E. Martin moved his grocery store into this space, little imagining that he and his descendants would sell foodstuffs inside these walls until 1973. In almost half a century of operation, Martin and Sons Grocery became an institution among Glen Rose residents, many of them considering it to be the town’s last old-time grocery store. The store slogan, “On the Square,” referred not only to the location but also its policy of dealing fairly with customers. Since Martin & Sons closed, a number of commercial enterprises have occupied the building.