Don Hill’s Variety Store, 108 NE Barnard Street

For decades the variety store operated by Don C. and Vivian Hill at 108 Northeast Barnard Street was a magnet for Glen Rose children. Though it also sold merchandise for adults, young people flocked here for inexpensive toys, games, and craft supplies. One local resident exclaimed that for a child, “He had everything in the world!: Since the late nineteenth century, this town lot was a continuous scene of commercial activity, though a previous building had burned in late 1926. Property owner Charles W. Hill rebuilt on the site where he and his family had run a general store. Then the family sold it to son Don C. Hill and his wife, Vivian. The new building had a distinctive front of basket-weave pattern of red brick, making it stand out from the others in the block. For half a century the couple operated their highly popular “five-and-dime” variety store here until the mid-1970s, after which time the handsome building housed other retail enterprises.