Hungry Junction Café, 106 NE Barnard Street

In late 1926 a fire destroyed four adjoining commercial buildings on the southeast side of the Glen Rose courthouse square. Owners rebuilt three of the stores, but the space here at 106 Northeast Barnard Street stood vacant for twenty years. Weeds grew in the gap, making it an eyesore. Finally in 1946 experienced local restaurateurs Marion and Ruth May rebuilt the space between the shared side walls to create what they named and operated as the Hungry Junction Café. The local press announced, “The building is completely air conditioned, and fluorescent lights shed their mellow glow over the interior.” In time the Rives Café succeeded the Hungry Junction, and then the modest building for years housed a popular pool hall. After Jack W. Bridges sold his shares in the nearby First National Bank in 1974, he moved his personal offices and insurance business into the structure with an uncut rubble stone-front, where for decades his successors have continued to provide insurance services.