River Ecology Trail - Ribbons of Life

You are walking on the edge of a riverbank and through a riparian woodland. Many of the plants and animals that live here are entirely dependent on the Paluxy River and this woodland for their survival.

Stop and listen for awhile to the sounds around you. What do you hear? Maybe the chirping of songbirds or the crunch of an acorn as a squirrel enjoys its breakfast.

Take a look at the trees and vegetation around you. You'll see bur oaks with their tennis ball sized acorns, cedar elms with their sandpaper leaves, juniper trees that we commonly refer to as cedars, live oaks with their twisting branches and pecan trees with their sustenance providing nuts.

Larger mammals such as coyotes, fox and bobcat use this river corridor as a natural highway either coming to drink at night, or to look for a meal.
These woodlands also provide critical breeding habitat for many kinds of birds including tropical migrants who winter in Central or South America.

Take lots of pictures of the amazing animals you see, but remember to never feed the wildlife. We want to keep our wildlife healthy and WILD!