Paluxy Heritage Park

Off the square on FM 56

Across the River from the town square in Glen Rose is the Paluxy Heritage Park. A final resting place for several historic dwellings from an earlier time in Somervell County, they have a log home, an early stone home, an early school house, and several other historic structures. Paluxy Heritage Park is a great place to relax, or to freshen up. There’s a also a pavilion for picnicking and parties, and a playground for the kids.
What’s great is that you can park here and walk over to Big Rocks Park. There’s a nice walkway that was recently constructed. This path runs along the Paluxy River and there’s a dock and an overlook along the way. This walkway terminates at the dam just before Big Rocks Park. You can walk across the dam and be in Big Rocks in no time. This is probably about a quarter-mile walk.
This park is easy to find. From the square in Glen Rose,  take SR 144 South going away from the courthouse. The park is maybe 300 feet up the road.