River Ecology Trail - Slip Sliding Away

Erosion is one of the most dynamic and powerful forces on earth. It is what shaped this valley you are standing in and continues to shape the course of the Paluxy River as it has done for thousands of years.

Notice the current is swifter on this side of the river, and during flood events raging floodwaters continually undercut this riverbank, causing root systems to become unstable. On the other side of the river, the current is slow and the river deposits sediment eventually creating a flat terrace.

Erosion can be a positive force and it can be a negative force. Floods that bring raging waters, rocks and debris rapidly down the river wear out the fragile limestone and make the tracks disappear. On the flip side, without erosion, the dinosaur tracks in the riverbed would never have been uncovered for us to enjoy today. As the river erodes more and more of the bank, additional tracks are exposed for us to view and learn from.