Billy Paul Baker Memorial Overlook

Overlooking the Paluxy River Valley, the Billy Paul Baker Memorial Overlook Trail sports a breathtaking view from one of the highest points in Dinosaur Valley.

Billy Paul Baker was a long time superintendent of Dinosaur Valley State Park (1980- 2010). Throughout his long tenure, Mr. Baker worked tirelessly to transform Dinosaur Valley into a world class destination. From this overlook, one can see Mr. Baker's legacy as they look upon Dinosaur Valley State Park.

The trail is roughly half a mile in length and changes about 200 feet in elevation from beginning to end. It offers a challenge to avid hikers, but is short enough to provide a novice with a slow paced climb. Uniquely, this trail was built upon a fossilized coral reef so along the climb, you will see Cretaceous-aged coral and possibly fossilized marine organisms. At the top, sit back and enjoy one of the best places to take in Somervell County.